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Lightships and Related Information


   Amateur Radio and Lightships

   Books by LSA Members

   Canadian Lightships and their History

   Cape Cod Lightship Anchorage Map

   Crew Lists   (Maintained by Ron Janard, Membership Director & Historian)   EMAIL

  Crossed over the Bar (Relieved of Duty)

   Historical Items and Facts of Interest

   Lightship Disasters

  Lightship Museums  May, 2013  (By Jay McCarthy)

   LSA "Images from when you REALLY WERE Lightship Sailors"    A MUST SEE!

   Lightships by Hull Number

   Lightship Station Histories

   Lightship Tenders

  Lost in the line of duty

   Media, The USCG LSA Location for all LSA current media (Fog Horn, etc.)

   Nantucket Lightship  Baskets

   National Archives "Ships Logs Research"

   News, articles, and items from the web about lightships

   Reunion News & History

  Ship's Library  (Just like a library)

  Very OLD Lightship Pictures from The Boston Library

  Videos from You Tube about Lightships & Related

  Vineyard Sound Memorial Bell in New Bedford, Mass (The LSA Memorial)

  World War II Pearl Harbor Dispatch  (Very Rare)

   3 Decommissioned USCG Lightships transferred to Two South America Countries - Updated June 2015  (By Jay McCarthy)

   15  Remaining  USCG  Lightships as of  June, 2015 (By Jay McCarthy)

   Lightship Sindhi  /  Pakistan  In search of Lightship Sindhi  (by Muhammad Adil Mulki)

    LV-59, LV-60, LV-61, LV-62  Poe Reef  (Off Site)

   LV-82  Memorial  Crystal Beach, Ontario Canada

  LV-83 - SLV 83 / Swiftsure ... A new life for a Brave old ship

  LV-83 - State Capital Museum Lecture Series  (Olympia, Washington)

   LV-84 / WAL-509  The Final Chapter  (by Jay McCarthy)

   LV-99  Closure; Mystery of the EXP-99 / LV-99 Story  (By Jay McCarthy)

   LV-112 / WAL-534 Lightship Nantucket Updates (Boston)

   Sandettie Lightship, France     /   Real time wind & weather reports from the Lightship

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