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Lightship Stations... and the ships that served on them

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Early U.S. Lightships A thru ZZ    

U.S. Navy Temporary Lightships  

Vessel Designation: Kewaunee        

Lightships by Dates on Station        

Lightships by Hull Number           

   Ambrose Channel, New York

   Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana

   Ballard Reef, Michigan

   Bar Point Shoal, Michigan

   Barnegat, New Jersey

   Bartlett Reef, Connecticut

   Bishop and Clerks, Massachusetts

   Blunts Reef, Califirnia

   Boston, Massachusetts

   Bowlers Rock, Virginia

   Brandywine Shoal ,Delaware

   Brant Island Shoal, North Carolina

   Brenton Reef, Rhode Island

   Brunswick, Georgia

   Buffalo, New York

   Bush Bluff, Virginia

   Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts

   Calibogue Sound, South Carolina

   Cape Charles, Virginia

   Cape Elizabeth, Maine

   Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

   Cape Lookout Shoals, North Carolina

   Carysfort Reef, Florida

   Charleston, South Carolina

   Chesapeake, Virginia

   Columbia River, Oregon

   Combahee Bank, South Carolina

   Cornfield Point, Connecticut

   Craney Island, Virginia

   Cross Ledge, Delaware

   Cross Rip, Massachusetts

   Dames Point, Florida


   Diamond Shoal, North Carolina

   Eel Grass Shoal, Connecticut

   Eleven Foot Shoal, Wisconsin

   Fenwick Island Shoal, Delaware

   Fire Island, New York

   Fishing Rip, South Carolina

   Five Fathom Bank, New Jersey

   Fourteen Foot, Bank Delaware

   Frying Pan Shoal, North Carolina

   Galveston, Texas

   Grays Reef, Michigan

   Great Round Shoal, Massachusetts

   Handkerchief Shoal, Massachusetts

   Harbor Island, North Carolina

   Held Bank, Texas

   Hedge  and Fence Shoal, Massachusetts

   Hen and Chickens, Massachusetts

   Hog Island Shoal, Rhode Island

   Hoopers Straight, Maryland

   Horseshoe Shoal, North Carolina

   Janes Island, Maryland

   Key West, Forida

   Lake Huron, Michigan

   Lake St Clair, Michigan

   Lansing Shoal, Michigan

   Lime Kiln Crossing North, Michigan

   Lime Kiln Crossing South, Michigan

   Long Shoal, North Carolina

   Lower Cedar Point, Maryland

   Mackinaw Straits, Michigan

   Martin Reef, Michigan

   Martins Industry, South Carolina

   Merrills Shell Bank, Mississippi

   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

   Minots Ledge, Massachusetts

   Nantucket Shoals, Massachusetts

   Neuse River, North Carolina

   New Orleans, Louisiana

   Nine Foot Shoal, North Carolina

   North Manitou Shoal, Michigan

   Northeast End, New Jersey

   Northeast Pass, Louisiana

   Northwest Passage, Florida

   Ocracoke Channel, North Carolina

   Overfalls, Delaware

   Peshtigo Reef ,Wisconsin

   Poe Reef, Michigan

   Pollock Rip, Massachusetts

   Pollock Rip Slue, Massachusetts

   Portland, Maine

   Ram Island, Connecticut

   Roanoke Island, North Carolina

   Roanoke River, North Carolina

   Royal Shoal, North Carolina

   San Francisco, California

   Sand Key, Florida

   Savannah, Georgia

   Scotland, New Jersey

   Ship Shoal, Louisiana

   Shovelful Shoal, Massachusetts

   Simmons Reef, Michigan

   Smith Point, Virginia

   South Pass, Louisiana

   Southeast Shoal, Ohio

   Southwest Pass, Louisiana

   Sow and Pigs, Massachusetts

   St. Helena Bar, South Carolina

   St. Johns River, Florida

   Stratford Shoal, Connecticut

   Stonehorse Shoal, Massachusetts

   Succonnessett Shoal, Massachusetts

   Swiftsure Bank, Washington

   Tail of the Horseshoe, Virginia

   Thirty Five Foot Channel, Virginia

   Trinity Shoal, Louisiana

   Tybee Island Knoll, Georgia

   Umatilla Reef, Washington

   Upper Cedar Point, Maryland

   Upper Middle, Delaware

   Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts

   Wades Point Shoal, North Carolina

   White Shoal, Michigan

   Willoughbys Spit, Virginia

   Windmill Point, Virginia

   Winter Quarter Shoal, Virginia

   Wolf Trap, Virginia

   York Spit, Virginia

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