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How to obtain "Ship Logs"

Information provided by Jay McCarthy

ship log

National Archives and Records Administration

700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20408-0001


Important to state you are researching a U. S. Coast Guard vessel. This will help steer the Archives researchers in the right direction.

PROVIDE, Full Name & Hull designation of Lightship & Time Frame Dates you're requesting.

IE; USCG Lightship, RELIEF LV 78 / WAL 505

IE; April 1957 - April 1959

You're dealing with government workers who are doing their best, but in reality don't know a Lightship from a Battleship.

There is a fee for researching the files & making copies.

Folks FYI,

Although I requested the above dates, they replied with dates for the time period of 1/1/57 - 12/30/58. Nothing later was on file. I guess the remaining logs went down with the ship when she was sunk on 24 June 1960.

I received a quotation for reproduction services in the mail:

Item # Description Qty. Ordered Unit Price Cost

REP0006C Paper copies/ Description 730 $0.50 $365.00

RG: 26

Stack 13W/7/2/1 Box 1288-1289

Desc: Deck Logs Lightship 505

Relief - 1/1/57 - 12/30/58

This quote was for 2002 prices. Don't know what it would be today.

An individual can get as little, or as much information as he wants (if available), if he's willing to pay for it.

Again, you can go in person, but write 1st. to make sure they have the logs. Be prepared to spend a lot of time & bring dollars for the copier. Copy as much as you want.

I went in person during August 2002 for 1 day, while enroute home from a wedding.

The above "Quote" information came in handy, as the staff on duty couldn't find any records for my ship. I provided them with the above information & then they were able to locate my records. Took all morning! Spent the afternoon going through the logs & making copies. In hind sight, it would have been easier to send in the $365.00 & have all the logs, instead of the few I was able to copy in the afternoon.




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