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   1 Year or Less  by Morgan Evans

   3 years & 2 days  by Morgan Evans

   60 Years Later  (Woods Hole)  by Morgan Evans

   1979/1980 Interviews with Lightship LV 116 sailors from the 1930's (PDF File)

   2005 Report from Larry Ryan aboard the LV 196/ WAL 534

   A Guiding Light!  (Written by Steve Knauth)

   A History of Lightships

   A Lightship Sailor's Story

   Amateur Radio and Lightships

   Anodes... What are they and what do they do?

   Before the Whirly Birds

   Bellechasse Incident, The

   Big Red Target

   Boiling Seas & Ships in them (WMV File)

  Canadian Ice Breaker  (The Labrador)

   Close Call for Divers on the LV 17

   Closure; Mystery of the EXP-99 / LV-99 Story

   Coast Guard Ship Losses

   Coast Guard Vanity Automobile License Plates

   Did Lightships cause "Hearing Loss"?

   First Cruise of the LV 196 (Nantucket)

   Frying Pan Shoals Tower

   Hull Number,  Lightships by their

   International Lightships  (Off Site)

   "Jim Gill",  Memories of

   Life on the No. 1 Nantucket, New South Shoal Lightship  (1891)

   "Lighthip duty", Fond Memories of...

   "Lightship Living: Not for the weak" (Part 1)

   "Lightship Living: Not for the weak" (Part 2)

   "Lightship Living: Not for the weak" (Part 3)

   Lightship Preservation Updates (PDF File)

   Lightships of Nantucket Sound  (Off Site)

   "Lightship Sailor", Bit Pieces & Odd Events in the life of a

   Lightships Seized, Torpedoed or Sunk

   Lightship Station History

   Lightships versus Lighthouses

   Little Red Lightship that brought a Big Aircraft Carrier to a Stop!

   My First Day on a Lightship!

   No, No, Not Me!

   Our Family's Histories while building Lightships

   Pacific Ocean Weather (WX) Stations


   Present locations of known Lightships

   REAL Storms at Sea!

   Sea Captain's Worst Nightmare

   Sinking of the LV 105 and Harbor Control Lightships

   Sinking of the Nantucket LV 117

   Snipes! What are they and what do you do if you catch one

   Submarine Bells and Lightships

   Topside on a Lightship

   USCG Relief Lightship LV 78 Crew Lists & Station Log

   Welcome to "Lightship 504"

   Willard Flint's controversial  "A History of U.S. Lightships"

   William Baker Lupton's History

   Woods Hole Massachusetts

   The US Coast Guard's "Special Forces"

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