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U.S. Coast Guard Radio Communications

Information on middle and high frequency marine radiotelephone channels. The links below show the various channels and their assigned frequencies. All you need is to be near enough water that the U.S. Coast Guard patrols the area.  The Great Lakes, Mississippi & Ohio Rivers are all full of Coast Guard Activity.  In the evening you can hear coast guard acttiity from all all over the world  with the right right receiver(s) and antenna(s).

Other Information is below as well.  It's not all Radio.


   A Brief History of Radio

  Amateur Radio & Lightships

  Beacons LF/HF Nautical & Aeronautical (Off Site)

  Coast Guard NATIONAL DISTRESS SYSTEM with VHF Coverage Maps (Off Site)

  Essential Marine Channels for your Scanner (Off Site)

 First Use of Wireless as an Aid to Ship in Distress  (Off  Site)

 History of Coast Guard Radio Stations  / CG CW Operators Ass'n. (Off  Site)

   International Lighthouse, Lightship Weekend  (Off Site)

   International Marconi Day (IMD)  (Off Site)          ...Station Histories  of IM Day (Off Site)

  iPad, An application for receiving Maritime and Police broadcasts

  Loran, The End of these broadcasts

   Lightship "Comet" Home of "Pirate Radio Station Radio Scotland"   (Off Site)

  MF & HF Channel Information (Off Site)

  The Missing Marine Band (Off Site)

  NOAA Weather Radio for your scanner

   North America Radio Beacons  LF/MF Radionavigation Stations

  N.W.S. Marine Products VIA U.S. Coast Guard HF Voice  (Off Site)

  Other frequencies for your scanner (RadioReference.com)  ( Off Site)

  Submarine Bells

  Sun Spot Sound at HF Frequencies

  VHF Coast Guard Channels for your scanner (Off Site)

  Weather Beacons and LW Aeronautical Stations (Off Site)

  WWII Radio Call Sign Book (Off Site)

  WWII Radio Call Sign Section 17 (Off Site)

  WWII Radio Call Sign SHIPS BY CLASSES (Off Site)


If you need help or have any questions, please write me and I will try to help  

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