1828-1864: "H"

Built: 1828 at New York
Cost: $8,000
Length: 76'; Beam: 21'6"; Tonnage: 115
Illumination: Single 10-wick compass lamp at 38 feet
Station: 1828-1864: Cross Rip (Tuckernuck Shoal) (MA)
Notes: Said to have been named PRESIDENT when launched. Referred to as "Tuckanuck Shoals lightboat". In 1841, 14,885 vessels were logged as passing the vessel. Criticized for being absent from station for lengthy periods. Blown ashore and wrecked at Cape Poge, Martha's Vineyard in 1864

1864-1866: "G"

Station: 1865-1866: Cross Rip (MA)
Notes: Dec 28, 1866, parted moorings during a gale and after being carried to
sea, was abandoned in sinking condition on Dec 30. Benjamin F Gardner, Master;
Charles N Thomas, Mate. Said to have been identical to "H".

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