Location & historical notes: Louisiana, south of Caillou Bay, toward the west end of Ship Shoal and about one mile north of it.  The station was replaced by the Ship Shoal Lighthouse.

Lightships assigned:

1849-1859: "F " (The only Lightship to occupy this station.)


Cost: $12,774.63
Illumination: Records show red lights on both masts at 36 and 45 feet, however,
the 1854 Light List gives 2 fixed white lights at 30 and 45 feet
Stations: 1849-1859: Ship Shoal (LA)
1860-?: Relief (VA)
Notes: This was the former Revenue Cutter MCLANE converted to lightship service. Referred to in the records variously as "Ship Shoal" and "the Pleasonton". Ship Shoal station was located inside the shoal at the west end.

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