2006 Reunion in Seattle, Washington


Information provided by, L. R. (Larry) Ryan, President

I want to officially welcome Roy Dash and Peter Marx to the BOD for this next term.

For those that missed the introductions for the elections, Roy volunteered from the floor to serve as secretary. Roy went from E-1 on Diamond Shoals to 0-6 over 33 years service. He brings to the BOD a wealth of experience and expertise. Roy and Mary Ann live in Beaverton, OR.

Peter Marx was nominated to the BOD as a Director at Large and has volunteered to serve as our official Photographer and Reporter. Pete served on Five Fathom 108/530 1955-56 going on to a successful business career. Pete and Barbara live in captains Walk, CA.

Both Roy and Pete have been strong supporters of The USCG LSA


New Board of Directors FY 2007 from RIGHT to LEFT starting in the front

Roy Dash, Sec.,,John Hughes, Chaplain,, Pete Marx, Dir @ Large,, Jay McCarthy, 1st VP,, Bernie Brynes, Dir @ Large,, Dennis Cosmo, Dir @ Large & Past President,, Bob Gubitosi, 2nd VP,, Fred Pelger. Treasurer,, Larry Strauss, Dir @ Large,, ME, Dave Bernheisel, Pres OMMF


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