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Those of you that know me know I have a very soft spot in my heart for Police Officers. This is a story about a Lightship Sailor who became a New York City Police Officer after leaving the Coast Guard.

All Police work is dangerous however none is more stressful than that of an undercover Narcotics Officer.

The former Lightship Sailors Daughter has contacted our First Vice President Jay McCarthy and requested information about her now, Crossed Over The Bar Father. I am asking anyone who has any information no matter how small about him to respond.

Ralph (Bud) Fairfull

Served on Relief Lightship LV 78 WAL 505 1957 to 1959

Bud Fishing on Lightship Christmas 1957

Bud 1958

Bud in Small Boat 1958

Bud retired from the New York Police Department as a Sergeant.

He Crossed Over The Bar in 2000.

Bud was divorced for many years and his Daughter Erica lost contact with Him. She has been trying to fill in the blank spots of His time in the service.

Please contact Her with ANY information you can share. Her email address is below.


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