Location & historical notes: Massachusetts, located 4.4 miles and 147 degrees from the Chatham Light.  It was initially established as a guide for transiting the Slue channel after shoaling at its north end resulted in many collisions and groundings.

The station was originally named "Pollock Rip Shoals" from 1902-1913 and was renamed "Pollock Rip Slue" on 19 August 1913.  It was moved south in 1923 to mark the entrance to a newly dredged channel.  The station was renamed "Pollock Rip" (see previous entry) on 16 October 1923.

Lightships assigned:

1902-1923: LV-73 / WAL-503 (The only lightship to occupy this location)


BUILT AT: Baltimore (MD)


BUILDER: Spedden Shipbuilding Co


SISTER VESSELS: Hull plan same as for LV 72

DESIGN: Steam screw; steel hull, 2 masts with spencers, daymarks at both mastheads; stack amidships

LENGTH: 123'9" (loa); BEAM: 28'6"; DRAFT: 14'9" (depth); TONNAGE: 693 displ

PROPULSION: Steam - one compound reciprocating engine, 400 IHP; also rigged for sail when built

ILLUMINATING APPARATUS: 2 lanterns, each having 8 oil lamps with reflectors

FOG SIGNAL: 12" steam chime whistle; hand operated 1000 lb bell

-1910: Submarine bell signal installed
-1919: Equipped with radio
-1920: Original illuminating apparatus replaced with a cluster of three oil lens
lanterns hoisted to each masthead; spencer masts removed
-1928: Equipped with radio beacon
-1929: 375mm electric lens lantern installed in gallery at each masthead; oil lanterns and lantern houses removed
-1931: Jul, 31 year old boilers replaced with water-tube type; new coal bunkers installed; compressors driven by 2 oil engines installed - $44,612
-1931: Fog signal changed from steam to air whistle
-Radio & Visual Call Sign NMGB (1940-1944)

1902-1913: Pollock Rip Shoals (MA)
1913-1923: Pollock Rip Slue (MA)
1923-1924: Pollock Rip (MA)
1924-1944: Vineyard Sound (MA)

(Pollock Rip Shoals renamed Pollock Rip Slue)
(Original Pollock Rip station discontinued in 1923; Pollock Rip Slue station moved 1923 to position NE of, and aligned with entrance to new dredged channel which opened Feb 17, 1923; Slue station then renamed Pollcok Rip in 1924)
(During WWII remained on Vineyard Sound station, no armament provided)

-Detailed records prior to 1902 not located
-1902: Jun 20, placed on Pollock Rip Shoals; a new additional station located
4 mi due north of Pollock Rip station
-1903: Jun 2-14, relieved (by LV 58) for repair at Boston
-1904: May 7-?, relieved (by LV 58) for repair at Boston
-1905: Feb 1, dragged off station in moving ice, regained station same day; May 23-Jun 7, relieved (by LV 58), hauled and repaired at Boston
-1906: Remained on station entire year; Jul 17, struck by barge under tow; Aug 14, struck by 2d barge in tow of three; Aug 15, relieved (by LV 9) and started for New London (CT), boiler problems required putting in to Vineyard
Haven; then towed by AZALEA to New London for extensive repairs; returned to station Sep 18
-1913: Aug 19, Pollock Rip Shoals station renamed Pollock Rip Slue
-1913: Jun 8, took aboard 2 exhausted men who had been adrift and lost in fog for 3 days from fishing schooner WASHAKIE
-1916: Mar 3, during NE gale parted chain, drifting 1 1/4 mi SW from station; replaced on station by AZALEA Mar 5
-1921: Feb 20, during NE gale gusting to 75 mph, boarding seas smashed whaleboat and after skylight, broke steering wheel and washed binnacle and compass overboard
-1923: Officers and crew commended for rescuing 2 men lost and adrift from fishing schooner ROB ROY, Apr 30
-1923: Pollock Rip Slue and original Pollock Rip stations discontinued and new Pollock Rip station established NE of entrance to dredged channel which opened for traffic Feb 17, 1923
-1924: Mar 11/12, during easterly gale, ship thrown on beam ends, recovered but continued to ship heavy seas for 36 hours with engine running ahead; starboard boat crushed, engine room ventilators carried away, riding gear severely sprung
-1924: Assigned to Vineyard Sound (MA)
-1944: Lost with all hands (12 of the 17 crew were on board when she went down and were lost-five were on leave) during the 1944 hurricane.

RETIRED FROM LIGHTSHIP DUTY: Sank while on station in 1944  AGE: 43

SUBSEQUENT DISPOSITION: Carried off station during hurricane and sunk Sep 14, 1944 with loss of all hands (12).  Two bodies were later washed ashore and recovered. Wreckage was later located and inspected by divers; salvage never attempted.


1901-?: Joseph Allen Jr (Master)
?-1916: Lars O Johnson, Mate
1916-1917: William W. Crowell, Mate
1917: Frederick W Richardson, Mate
1917-1925: Walter D Chase, Mate
1902-1918: R T Chase, Master
1918-1924: Simeon C Studley, Master
1922-1923: Fritz Schlamp, Mate
1924-?: David J Allen, Mate
1924-1937: Robert Boman, Master
1937-1939: Frank W Losinski, Master
1937-1939: William J Collins, Mate
1939-1943: William J Collins, Master
1943-1944: WO Edgar Sevigny OIC (lost during Hurricane 1944)

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