Pollock Rip, 1849-1969

Location & historical notes: Massachusetts, initially located at the junction of the natural Pollock Rip and Pollock Rip Slue channels, 8.3 miles and 159 degrees from the Chatham Light, and about 4 1/2 miles east of Monomoy Point.  Used as a guide for transiting the "Monomoy Passage" which accessed the eastern end of Nantucket Sound.  The route was heavily used by coastwise shipping to avoid an offshore passage seaward of Nantucket Shoals, but was subject to prolonged periods of heavy fog in the spring and summer months.  The station was discontinued for a short time in 1923, then reestablished about 2 1/4 miles northeast of the original station.  Channel is now seldom used commercially due to extreme shoaling.  

Lightships assigned:

1849-1875: LV-2

1875-1877: LV-40

1877-1892: LV-42

1892-1923: LV-47

1923: station was discontinued from 16 February through 16 October 1926

1923-1924: LV-73 /WAL-503

1924-1942: LV-110 /WAL532

1942-1945: marked by a buoy during World War II

1947-1958: WLV-196

1958-1969: LV-114 / WAL-536

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