Lightships assigned:

1820-1823: "ZZ " (The only lightship to occupy this station.)

Built: 1820
Station: 1820-1823: Northeast Pass (LA)

Location & historical notes: Louisiana, off the entrance to the Northeast Pass, Mississippi River Delta.

10th. Edition Blunt's Coast Pilot Page 289 

"A vessel with a floating light is moored by a chain and anchor, 1 1/4 mile due
south of the bar of the N. E. pass of the Mississippi, between Wallace's and
Bird islands, in lat. 29 8' 40" N. and 5 miles E. by N. 1/2 N. of the
block-house at the Balize, and 1 3/4 mile E. by S. 3/4S. from the unfinished
lighthouse on Frank's island, which station she will not leave unless driven by
stress of weather. By day she will be known by having a white flag with a red
cross hoisted upon her mainmast. By night her lantern will be hoisted 45 feet
above the level of the water upon her mainmast. A large bell is suspended near
the windlass of this light vessel, which will be kept tolling during foggy
weather both night and day ; this bell may be heard 6 miles with the wind, and 4
miles against it, in moderate weather. Mr. Ruddock, the engineer, gives the
following magnetic bearings from the light vessel :
Courses.            Distances.
The unfinished light-house,      -           -            W. by N. 3/4N.      1
3/4 mile.
Block-house at the Balize,         -           -            W. by S. 1/2 S.     
5        do. 
Main bar of S. E. Pass, or main ship channel, S. by VV. 1/2 W.   3 1/4 do.
Point of Pass-a-la-Loutre,          -           -            N. by W. 3/4 W.   
3  3/4do.
Bar of the N. E. Pass,                  -           -            due North            
1 1/4 do. "


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