Note: There is no particular order and no one subject matter on this page. The pictures shown are of a Historical significance to those of us who served on Lightships.

Here's a pic of CO George K. Martin on the flying bridge of an unknown Lightship . The fellow at the wheel is undoubtedly of Cape Verdean descent , as were many of the crews of the Cape Cod area Lightships .


He was CO of the following Lightships :


Hen and Chickens , LV 74 ( LV 74 on station from 1932-33 )

Pollock Rip ( dates on station unknown ) LV 110

Portland Lightships  ( LV 110 )  1925-27

Cross Rip Lightship ( Hull number of Lightship unknown )


Photo courtesy of Tim Harrison , LH Digest

Nun Buoy.. Must be from the NEW Guard!

WW II Window Poster

WW II Recruiting Poster

ET'S Really Loved the duty, ( when they weren't sick.) By the way, where's his life jacket?

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