Lost in the Line of Duty

This is a list of Lightship Sailors that gave their lives in Lightship Service, from ships sinking, logistic travels to and from the ships, or accidents onboard ship. Research is in progress to discover the names of those not listed in any section. Anyone reading this is encouraged to assist if you have information that can be added.

Lightship LV AA

JUNE 10, 1827

CARYSFORT REEF off Key Largo, Florida

Hans Hansen

Thomas VanPelt

Lightship LV AA


CARYSFORT REEF off Key Largo, Florida

Attacked by Native Americans.

Captain John Whalton

Unknown crewman

Lightship LV 37

Liberty Launch, APRIL 22, 1874


Liberty Boat capsized while crossing Cold Spring Bar, 2 Crewmen lost.

Charles P. Smith Mate

Frank Willets Cook

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Lightship LV 19

Liberty Launch, 29 OCTOBER 1875


Mate plus two crewmembers lost returning to ship in launch.

Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Lightship LV 37, RELIEF

Storm of AUGUST 23/24 1893


During a huge storm that may have been a hurricane, the Relief Lightship took four successive seas to the port side and began to sink. Four men were washed over the side and lost; the Pilot Boat picked up two men. The Ship capsized and sank at 0147 on August 24, 1893.

Lightship 46

Boiler explosion, AUGUST 28, 1893


Boiler explosion kills Engineer and Seaman.

Name Unknown

Name Unknown

Lightship LV 2

Liberty Launch, 1897


Two Men lost in Liberty Launch.

Name Unknown

Name Unknown

1Lightship 82, BUFFALO

Storm of 10 NOVEMBER 1913

Lightship sunk and all hands lost off Waverly Point, Lake Erie, near BUFFALO, NY.

Hugh H. Williams, Captain

Andrew Lehy, Mate

Charles Butler, Chief Engineer

Cornelius Lahey, Assistant Engineer

Peter Mackey, Cook

William Jensen, Deckhand

The ship was raised two years later.

Cross Rip LV-6 Lost on 5 FEBRUARY 1918

Dragged off station in moving ice February 4, 1918, last seen moving out the Eastern Entrance of Nantucket Sound; lost with all hands.

Henry F. Joy, Mate, Dennisport, MA.

Frank Johnson, Machinest, South Yarmouth, MA.

William Rose, Cook, North Harwich, MA.

Almon Wixon, Seaman, Dennisport, MA.

Arthur C. Joy, Seaman, Dennisport, MA.

E. H. Phillips, Seaman, West Dennis, MA.

Nantucket Lightship 117 Sunk 15 MAY 1934 Collision at sea

John M. Fortes SN, New Bedford, MA.

Isaac Pina First Cook, New Bedford, MA.

Ernest B. George SN, New Bedford, MA.

Alfredo Monteiro Second Cook, New Bedford, MA.

Matthew S. Rodriques SN, New Bedford, MA.

William W. Perry Chief Engineer, Reading, MA.

Justin F. Richmond Oiler, Woburn, MA.

There were four survivors during the loss of the LV 117, three of which lost their lives due to their injuries within six months of the incident.

George Brathwaite, Mate, In Charge when struck, Cambridge, MA.

Clinton Mosher, First Officer, New Bedford, MA.

John F. Perry, Radioman, Provincetown, MA.

L. V. Roberts, the only surviving member of this tragedy returned to duty aboard LV 106, returning to Nantucket Shoals.

Vineyard Lightship 73 SEPTEMBER 14 ? 15 1944

Edgar Sevigny, CWO Bos?n, USCG, New Bedford, MA.

Edward Steckling, MMC, USCG, Chelsea, MA.

John Kolosky, MM2, USCG

Richard R. Talbot, SC2, USCGR, South Hamilton, MA.

Lawrence R. Starratt, MM3, USCGR, Lynn, MA.

Fredrick J. Stelter, WT3, USCGR

Peter P. Michalack, SN1, USCGR, Dunkirk, NY.

John J. Stimac, SN1, USCGR

Jack M. Hammett, SN1, USCG, Springfield, MO.

Joseph G. Gordon, SN1, USCGR

Allen L. Hull, SN2, USCGR, East Hartford, CT.

Vangel Constantine, SN2, USCGR, Fabyan, CT.

Stonehorse Lightship LV 101/WAL 524

MAY 18 1955 Departing vessel

John D. Mortimer, Seaman Apprentice, USCG, Sligo, PA. departing vessel for reassignment when Liberty Launch was swamped by a wave.

Portland Lightship February 21, 1955

William H. Jakicic

Huron Lightship 103 MAY 7 1958

Lost at sea at Corsica Shoals, Lake Huron, near Port Huron, MI returning to the Ship in a twenty-foot boat that capsized.

Robert J. Gullickson, Seaman, USCG Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

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Research provided by Jim Gill, Doug Bingham, and Rick Bennett

If you know of an incident that should be listed here, please contact the LSA President below.


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