Lightship # 76 WAL 504


Wayne has done many hours of research while putting this story together. His information comes from first hand experience aboard the Lightship and it is very well documented.

Former Association President and C.G. Historian Jim Gill commented that,

"This is a nice shot of 76/504 moored at CG Base (Buoy Depot) Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco CA.
Picture could have been taken as late as 1960 but no later as the ship was decommissioned 1960.
Buildings in background are the industrial/admin complex built in 1935. (They appear much the same today) The ship lies at the lightship berth which dates back to early 1900's.
Same berth we occupied in LV-612 when I was there in '60-'63."

Still MORE and it's a MOVIE!!

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