A Letter to His Children.

I hope you guys will share this with your sons. .  it is a part of our family's heritage  and our nation's maritime history and  is without question a brief period in my life I am especially proud to say. .   'I served proudly'
I am in the process of writing what occurred that terrible  night in November (1958) when we encountered the very worst storm I ever experienced during my two years aboard the lightship. 
On that night, the Great Lakes freighter CARL D. BRADLEY sank with all hands. .  the very same storm that could very easily have sunk the Huron too.  Bear in mind the Bradley was 'footballs fields' long and our little boat was a mere 97 feet in length!
So when you think about it. . . . if I had not survived that night (along with many other 'nights' in combat in Vietnam as while as the years I served as a police officer) . . .you (and your sons and my grandchildren) would not be here today
Just some 'points to ponder' as you live this fantastic experience we call 'life'
I will ask the site manager to also post this short story when completed along with the 'montage' I have created of the Huron on that one remarkable stormy winter night.
Long ago, I read a mariner's poem of the 'Gales of November'
on the Great Lakes. . . all one has to do is view a map locating the countless hundreds and hundreds of ship wrecks dotting the bottom of the Great Lakes to realize these relatively 'small' five fresh-water lakes are indeed one of the most dangerous waterways of the world.  I understand because of the shallowness of the lakes, there are more than four times as many waves occurring on the lakes than in the earth's much larger and far deeper oceans.
It's without question the old boat struggled through many  violent storms during the course of her fifty years of remarkable service on the Great Lakes . . . but I can speak from my own personal experience and tell you that particular November night was a 'doozey'!  I lived it . . . I survived it but what an 'experience' it was! 
 Even today, after almost fifty years of the time of that fearful night, each individual moment of that evening is forever etched in my memory and is today. .  still a recurring visual memory in my mind.  I can 'tell' you this story but nothing can ever replace one 'living' it!

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