I wrote the following poem after losing my best friend and shipmate (SN/BM Robert (Bob) J. Gullickson) when the liberty boat was swamped and sunk on May 7th 1958 while attempting to return to the Huron Lightship WAL-526. You may post it on your website if you wish. I served on the Huron from 1957-59 and retired as an E8 in Nov 81.

The Huron


Winds a'howling, sea's running high

the Huron Lighship is still standing by

Nine months a year, on her station she stands

her foghorn sounding all the way to the lands

Listen, hear her foghorns blast

and see her main lights so bright

Always vigilant, it shines on still

through the long, dark night

For fifty years, she'd done her duty

guiding the mariners to the lee

Now she lies enshrined forever

Here . . . by Port Huron's sea

A memorial now to all who served

we commit their memories unto thee

Please Lord. .  accept them

and always keep them free

Semper Paratus was their guide

their right to liberty

these crewmen of the Huron

these brave Coastguardsmen of the sea.

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