Every once in a while this job becomes very exciting. This is one of those rare occasions when I get a chance to preserve a page of Lightship History that has never before been seen.

My thanks goes to Dan Ostergaard, His Wife Sarah, and Don and Linda Hennigan .

The information and documentation they have provided has made this project a reality.

As is always the case in projects of this nature, Coast Guard Historian Scott Price and I have (and are) passing information back and forth. This allows the information to be in three places, on our web site, in our archives, and in the hands of the Coast Guard.

I am going to set up the web pages for George Harding in a different manner than I have ever done before, because I want to share the excitement and rewarding experience I get as I see this project grow.

Here is an example of what I mean. On 01/09/06 I went to the Coast Guard Historians web site and found the following information about George Harding.

He was the 1st Mate 1920-1923: In that time frame the Historians web site tells us that the ship was equipped with a radio beacon. Question: Was he there then this was done? Will we find personal letters or information about this? Time will tell.

Also on 01/09/06 the Historians web site told us that from 1923-1925: George was the Ships Master. The questions here are endless. What else happened on the ship in that time frame? Were there any rescues by those Lightship Sailors while on station? Will information to come,, show any crew members Names? On the subject of the Names: In the time frame we are talking about those on Lightships, stayed on Lightships, so here is the next question for you to ponder. Was anyone who served on this lightship on LV 117 when she was rammed and sunk on May 15, 1934 on the Nantucket Station? Time and documented information will tell as the information comes in to me..

I hope now you understand my excitement!

Martin Krzywicki Founder Lightship Sailors Association.

We will arrange things as we go along. The obituaries newspaper documentation was the first thing we got.

01/10/06 We received the Obituaries for Mr. Harding.


03/01/06 We received the following pictures and information. WE ARE STARTING TO BUILD HISTORY!


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