Location & historical notes: North Carolina, off the outer end of the extensive shoals marking out nearly 17 miles south and east of Cape Fear.  Served as a guide for passing clear of the shoal area in the approach to the Cape Fear River which accessed Southport and Wilmington.  The station was eventually replaced by the Frying Pan Shoal Light Tower which was established 1.7 miles and 309 degrees from the final position of the lightship station.

Lightships assigned:

1860-1863: station vacant

1854-1860: "D "

1863-1864: LV-32

1863-1871: LV-29

1871-1875: LV-34

1875-1877: LV-29

1877-1883: LV-32

1883-1888: LV-38

1888-1892: LV-29

1892-1896: LV-53 / WAL-501

1896-1911: LV-1

1911-1930: LV-94 / WAL-518

1930-1942: LV-115 / WAL-537

1942-1945: marked by a buoy during World War II

1945-1964: LV-115 / WAL-537

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