When I went on line today I got the email below. It looks authentic but to my trained eye it is not. "Joe Average" would panic and go to the link provided and fill out the information AOL wanted and submit it. In some cases EVEN if he knew he had paid his bill. After all the message WAS from AOL, or what ever provider he uses.

NOTE: This scam email could be from your Bank or Credit Card Company. (HA HA.) The leaches of the world are every where!


AOL Billing Center ** Last Notice **


  • Dear Member:

    Thank you for choosing America Online. Unfortunately there has been a
    problem processing your billing information for the month of April, 2006.

    Please review our billing requirements at KW: Billing. You will be able to
    update your billing information quickly and easily using our secure server
    web form. Please understand that without promptly updating your billing
    information, your America Online Internet service may be discontinued. To
    update your billing at this time, please visit our secure server web form by
    clicking the hyperlink below.

    America Online Billing Services.

    We appreciate your business and hope to keep you as a customer for life.
    America Online is so easy, no wonder it's number 1 !

    The AOL Billing Services Team 

    How can I restore my account access?


    Please update your billing here: America Online Billing Services. and complete the web form.

    Completing all of the checklist items will automatically restore your account access.

  • © 2006 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    NOTE: The scammer even uses © 2006 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved above.

    Here is what would happen if "Joe Average" filled out the requested information using the space above.

    (  Please update your billing here: America Online Billing Services. and complete the web form. )


    You would be asked for your payment method, your bank account number or credit card number depending on how you paid.

    This is called a " Phishing Scam " in internet language.

    Identity thieves are setting up real-looking but phony "phishing" sites to lure you into giving out your personal information.

    What you need to do is:

    1. Ask yourself if the Company involved all ready has the requested information. (If they do this is a scam.)

    2. Report the email directly to the Company involved. ( Usually you can do this online.)

    3. Report the scam to the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the web site below.


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