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Original photo caption; description; date; photo number & photographer (if known).  Unless otherwise noted all photos are official U.S. Coast Guard photographs.
  A photo of the WLV 189 "Commodore & Mrs. J. A. Hirshfield, Mrs. A. V. Prentis, James Hirshfield, Katherine Prentis Hirshfield, Sponsor, LS-189."; 16 October 1946; Photo No. 859; Defoe Shipbuilding Company photo.

Vice Commandant and World War II Coast Guard hero, Commodore James A. Hirshfield, attended the launching of LV-189.  His daughter, holding the bouquet, christened the lightship.

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A photo of the WLV 189 No caption/date/photo number; photographer unknown.

The launching of LV-189 on 16 October 1946 at the Defoe Shipbuilding Company yard in Bay City, Michigan.

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A photo of the WLV 189 "Diamond Shoal Lightship (WAL-189)."; 23 August 1962; Photo No. 08-23062 (03); photographer unknown.

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A photo of the WLV 189 No caption; 8 November 1965; Photo No. 110865-20; photographer unknown.

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A photo of the WLV 189

No caption/photo number; photographer unknown.  

Photo of the decommissioned WLV-189, taken on 28 January 1994, just prior to her sinking off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey, as part of New Jersey's Artificial Reef Program.

Photo credit: New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife; Bureau of Marine Fisheries / Artificial Reef Program; through Martin Krzywicki of the U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Sailors Association.

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