The new Lightship 71 was built of composite materials : wood hull , steel keel and braces , and was outfitted with a wireless telegraph in 1904  . LV 71 also had a cluster of 3 - 100cp electric lens lanterns mounted in a gallery at each masthead , a 12"steam chime whistle and a hand operated fog bell weighing 1,000 lbs. Its propulsion was supplied by a single surface condensing engine , scotch fired boiler , with a 4 bladed propellor 8' in Dia. and a designed max. speed of 8.5 knots .


In 1905 , LV 71 was fitted with an 18"searchlight as its main beacon , which was directed at a 45 degree angle to the horizon  in a SE direction .  ( its replacement , LV 72 had the same light as its main beacon ) . In 1912 , LV 71 was fitted with a 2 way radio by the USLHS .

The single most important event concerning LV 71 , was its encounter with a German Submarine , U - 104 . The CO of U-104, speaking perfect English and adhering to the rules of War ,  allowed the crew to get off safely before sinking the Lightship with cannon fire from the submarine on August 6 , 1918 . The shelling of the Lightship could be heard by the residents of Hatteras Village and other nearby locations .

 Shortly after the loss of LV 71 , LV 72 took its duty at Diamond Shoals without incident until 1922 .  LV 72 also served at : Cape Charles ( later called Chesapeake ) , Cross Rip Station off Cape Cod and as RELIEF for the 5th District

 LV 72 , built at Quincy , Mass. in 1900 stood duty as RELIEF with LV 71 at 3 month intervals starting in 1900 , lasting through 1918 .When not on duty at Diamond Shoals , LV 71 stood duty at other locations in the N.Carolina , MD , Delaware area .


LV 105 / WAL 527  was assigned to Diamond Shoals from 1922 through 1942 when the station was marked by a buoy during WW2 .

Lightship files of  the late Edward Rowe Snow , DM Bingham , LSA Historian

Lighthouse and Lightships of the US Gov't., George R. Putnam

Acknowledgements to:

Mr Ken Black USCG Ret.

Mr Richard Bennett MM1 USCG Ret.

CWO Jim Gill USCG Ret.

Mrs Dorothy Snow Bicknell , Marshfield , Mass. 

The station was replaced by the Diamond Shoal Light Tower.

1942-1945: marked by a buoy during World War II

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