Location & historical notes: Oregon, off the Columbia River entrance, southwesterly from Cape Disappointment.  Originally 4.4 miles and 232 degrees from Cape Disappointment Lighthouse but shortly thereafter moved three miles southwesterly.  The station was a leading mark for making the approach to the main channel entrance.  This was the first lightship station for the Pacific Coast, and the last of the west coast stations to be discontinued.  The station was ultimately replaced by a lighted horn buoy "CR" (LNB), about 0.2 miles north of the former lightship station.

Lightships assigned:

1892-1897: LV-50

1897-1898: LV-67

1898-1899: LV-50

1899-1901: marked by a buoy

1901-1905: LV-50

1905-1906: LV-67

1906-1909: LV-50

1909-1939: LV-88 / WAL-513

1939-1951: LV-93 / WAL-517

1951-1979: WLV-604

November 2004 WLV 604 Prepares for dry dock.

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