Chesapeake Lightship Station History, 1928-1965

Location & historical notes: Originally located 9.3 miles and 102 degrees from the Cape Charles Lighthouse, marking the north side of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay.  Moved southeasterly in 1922 in the interest of deeper draft vessels, and moved south in 1928 to conform with improvements in aids marking the approach lanes for Chesapeake Bay.  Final position was 15 miles and 078 degrees from the Cape Henry Lighthouse.  The station was ultimately replaced with the Chesapeake light tower, about 14 miles east of Cape Henry and 4.4 miles and 186 degrees from the final lightship station position.

The station was originally named Cape Charles, from 1888 through 1926 when it was renamed Chesapeake.

Lightships assigned:

1888-1891: LV-46

1891-1916: LV-49

1916-1924: LV-101 / WAL-524  **** See Cape Charles Lightship.

1924-1927: LV-80

1927-1933: LV-72

1933-1942: LV-116 / WAL-538

1942-1945: marked by a buoy during World War II

1945-1965: LV-116 / WAL-538

This is how it ALL ended.

WAL-538 leaves her station for the last time, having been replaced by the Chesapeake Light Tower, 1965.

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