Charleston Lightship Station History

LV 34 on Station


Location & historical notes: South Carolina, at the entrance to Charleston Harbor, about 8 1/2 miles easterly from Fort Sumter off the east end of Rattlesnake Shoal.  Used as a guide for passing clear of Rattlesnake Shoal when entering Charleston Harbor.  Originally named Rattlesnake Shoal from 1854 through 1894.  Renamed Charleston on 31 May 1894.

Lightships assigned:

1854-1860: "E "

1861-1863: station vacant

1863-1871: LV-30

1871-1880: LV-38

1880-1886: LV-34

1886-1889: LV-32

1889-1892: LV-38

1892-1924: LV-34

1924-1933: LV-53 / WAL-501

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