Built: 1837

Cost: $15,900
Length: 98'6"; Beam: 24'6"; Depth: 12' Tonnage: 230; wood hull
Illumination: Two 4-sided lanterns using sperm oil compass lamps. Foremast lantern at 37 feet and main lantern at 48 feet. Visible 4 miles "under ordinary circumstances"
Station: 1839-1854: Sandy Hook (NY); position given as 48-26-20 North, 73-55-00 West, Sandy Hook Light bearing W x N distant 6 1/2 miles
Notes: Henry P. Lunt, her Master in 1850 reported vessel had broken adrift 18 times in 13 years resulting in absences from station of from 5 weeks to 4 months.

Note: In 1850, the "Keeper" (Master) of the Sandy Hook lightship was paid $700 per year and his Mate received $30 per month.  Other monthly rates were $18 for the Cook/Steward; $15 each for the six AB seamen; and $12 each for the three ordinary seamen.  All but the Master received an additional 20 cents per day as ration allowance, with a deduction of 20 cents per month for hospitalization.


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