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Jim Gill's passing has left a vacant slot on the association's
Watch, Quarter and Station billet that will be difficult to fill. I
can only try to carry on in his place as president with the same hopes and goals as I believe Jim had and that was to gather as many souls as possible to keep the memory of the U.S.C.G. Lightship Sailors Association's
beacon burning bright for the ones we leave behind as we report to our final duty station in the hereafter. May the course you sail be a fair one Jim. A special thanks to you, Betty, for sharing Jim with us for a short time.
     Dennis Cosmo Jr.
    President, LSA


To All Hands
1. LIGHTSHIP 112/534
Goods news for Lightship 112/534. The ship now belongs to the National Lighthouse Museum at Staten Island, NY. She was recently towed to Erie Basin, NY for a temporary berth until permanent facilities are completed at Staten Island. 112 is in basic good condition but there is much work to be done. Volunteers are requested. If interested contact Ben Butler. 718-448-0542 or Email Ben at
We need pictures taken at the last reunion to post on our website. Please send whatever you may have to Marty; JPEG format please.
Plans are moving ahead for our next reunion 2-3-4 October 2003 at Lewes Delaware. Please pass the word. Any questions, contact Rick Bennett;
As of this morning, 638. If we're going to make 700 by years end I'm going to need some help. How about each of you scratching your head a bit and come up with at least one name.
Service in a lightship not required, just the interest.
Email address best, postal address fine but if you don't know either, just the city will do.
Computer search will do the rest.
5. And now the bad news. Lightship Sailor Howard Lockerman (Lightship 91/515 Relief) is in serious trouble with cancer.
To read his own statement on the matter, bring up, go to table of contents and about halfway down right-hand column find "Sick Bay".
Howards address is:
1906 Latexo Drive, Houston, TX  77018-1711 or you can email him via his son Stuart
Jim Gill USCG Ret
641 Marina Pkwy #63
Chula Vista, CA  91910

A report to the membership

11 August 2002

 The USCG Lightship Sailors Assn now begins it’s fourth year. Much has been accomplished since our meager beginnings and I am sure much more will be added as we move ahead. Here are but a few of our gains

+We are an organized and incorporated group with an assigned federal ID number. Our 501(3)c status will be a reality in a matter of weeks.

+Membership began at 25 and is now over 600 and climbing steadily. With your help we will see over 700 by year’s end.

+Written a comprehensive and appropriate book of bylaws.

+Appointed a competent and enthusiastic Historian

+Developed a logo and letterhead

+We have held four very successful reunions each one better attended than the one before. All have been financial self-supporting.

+Developed a “patch” and medallion (coin) by Dennis Cosmo.

+A forum has been established for lightship hearing loss casualties.

+Enacted affiliation with the American Lighthouse Foundation (ALF)

+Found an able and qualified "Man of the Cloth" to be our Chaplain.

+Developed and posted two popular web-sites with important links to other maritime activities. Our website presently enjoys an average of 600 ”hits” per day as it's popularity increases by leaps and bounds.

+Gained contacts in 5 foreign countries. (England & Scotland in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, and Philippines.

+Reached a stature of prominence in the USCG and maritime communities.

+Brought the Lightship Memorial in New Bedford to a reality.

Financially we are sound but hardly affluent. We will accept any gifts, donations and dues payments gladly. We have several fixed expenses; There are fees to maintain corporation status, the 501 status and web-site upkeep. Our Secretary is reimbursed for stationery, printer ink and considerable postage. Reunions are expected to be self-supporting and so far they have been. Other reunion groups ask for $90 to $150 for reunion registration while we ask for $60 due to detailed and careful planning. Obviously we will have to make small increases according to the national economy. The auctions and sales from the ship’s store all help and your past generosity is greatly appreciated.

None of this progress was gained easily. We must thank a small group of dedicated and hard-working people that achieved it thus-far and another small group that with your assistance and participation will carry it forward. Nothing lasts forever, not even a lightship sailor. The average age of those of us with lightship service I estimate to be 70 years or more. That only means that we must work even harder to build an enthusiastic younger membership to carry the torch.

You, the membership, have supported all these efforts constantly with your generous gifts of interest, enthusiasm and participation. I thank you ALL for your continued part in helping to build Lightship Sailors into the successful and recognized organization that it deserves to be.

Jim Gill USCG Ret
USCG Lightship Sailors Assn
642 Marina Pkwy #63
Chula Vista, CA  91910

10 August, 2002

First of all I would like to welcome our new BOD members, Chris, Bernie and Larry and thank you for your participation. 

Congratulations to our new VP2 Bob Gubitosi and to Dennis having moved up to VP1.

Welcome to John Hughs our newTreasurer/Chaplain/Auctioneer

That leaves Rick, Marty and Doug and I as holdovers and I thank you for your past very generous participation.

I think we have a terrific new BOD and am looking forward to us working together.


An interesting report by LSA Member Rolland Holloway regarding Lightship 79/506
"I went to see the Barnegat Lightship today.  What an adventure!  It's in a marina (junk yard) in Camden, NJ.  I went back 1/2 mile on a muddy one lane road (path) in my van. At the end were 2 Rothweillers an a St. Bernard to greet me.  After honking the horn the owner came out.  He is the owner of the "marina" and lightship. The ship is not on the bottom but is tied up to the dock.  I could not go on because it was sealed up. This was the first one I've seen with a wooden bridge.  It needs a lot of help.  The owner of the marina and lightship is not sure what he wants to do with it.  He says it is too costly to repair and would cost too much to scrap.  Thought you would find this interesting.
Can you bring in a new member? Think hard. An old shipmate? Somebody that is interested in lightships/maritime history? Need name (first & last) and current city of residence. I can take it from there.
If you are not logged in, please do so.
Your main advantage, instant communicating with all others that are signed in and the message board plus many other features. There are 90 of us signed in at present.
Our main site continues to grow with more and more features being added.
Best regards to all
Jim Gill USCG Ret
USCG Lightship Sailors Assn Inc
642 Marina Pkwy #63
Chula Vista, CA 91910

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