2004 Reunion

Over the years the Ladies have been left to fend for themselves while we did our important "stuff."

This year that has changed. Our hard working on scene Lightship Sailor, Gene Mellott, set up a relaxing Friday Morning tour for you.

The Tour will be leaving at 9:00 AM

Since Gene is a local Tour Guide on the Astoria

Trolley he has agreed to miss our Business Meeting and be your personal Guide for your tour.

Reservations will be needed. There is no charge for this event for the Ladies.

>**The Flavel House**<

As one of the best preserved examples of Queen Anne architecture in the Northwest, the Flavel House survives today as a landmark of local and national significance. The house was built in 1884-86, for Captain George Flavel and his family. The Captain, who made his fortune through his occupation as a river bar pilot and through real estate investments, built the Flavel House as his retirement home at the age of 62. The Flavel House has been restored to accurately portray the elegance of the Victorian period and the history of the Flavel family. 

>**The Heritage Museum**<


Astoria's Old City Hall building, a neoclassical structure designed by prominent Portland architect Emil Schacht in 1904, is home to the Historical Society's Archive and local history museum. Clatsop County's rich and exciting history is featured in the museum's permanent and changing exhibit galleries.

Objects on display include a thousand year old American Indian hunting implement, finely crafted 19th century Chinook and Clatsop Indian baskets.  Also included is a sea otter pelt and a beaver hat which sheds light on the early history of Fort Astoria. Logging and fishing, the two economic mainstays since the 1870s, are represented in collections of tools, equipment, and photographs. The stories of the many diverse ethnic groups which settled in the area are depicted in the Immigrants Gallery.

On the second floor is Vice and Virtue in Clatsop County: 1890 to Prohibition. The gallery contains a partially reconstructed Astoria saloon and illustrates Astoria's seedy past when the town was known along the West Coast for its saloons and brothels. Researchers are welcome.

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