1960 East to West Trip Crew Members

Our thanks to BOD Member Larry Ryan for his hours of work putting this together!

Following Crew on transit from East to West 1960

Pickens, Herbert C. BMC

Squires, Acey BM1

Lushinsky, John BM1

Davidson, Richard EN1

Gebbart, EN1

Moeller, Richard RM2

Berrick, Robert, EM3

Meixner, Carl E. EM3

Smith, EM3

Weinberg,  Steve, ET3

Lewczak, FN-EN

Hutchinson, George FN

Ryan, Lawrence FN

Hatch, SN

Pandolf, SN

King, SN

Wilky, SN

Some of this information courtesy:

 Richard Davidson, ENMC USCG (Ret)

Mistakes are mine, L. R. Ryan

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